**Book Blitz** Prince of Vezul: Tallen & Christmas in DC by C.A. Tibbitts

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Hey everyone – thanks for stopping by – check out both of these truly amazing books by author C.A. Tibbits – Prince of Vezul: Tallen a Sci-Fi Romantic Comedy and Christmas in DC a Contemporary Romantic Suspense. And don’t forget to take part in the authors giveaway as well. (Don’t forget to leave a comment – bloggers & authors just love those) Thank you.


TITLE – Prince Of Vezul: Tallen
SERIES – Royalty Of Vezul
AUTHOR – C.A. Tibbitts
GENRE – Sci-Fi comedy romance
PUBLICATION DATE – August 21, 2015
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 34 pages/10,600 words
PUBLISHER – eXcessica Publishing
COVER ARTIST – Amanda Walker PA & Design Services

Prince Of Vezul-Tallen - CoverBOOK SYNOPSIS

Tallen, which happens to be a prince from the planet Vezul, comes to Earth seeking a woman to become his princess. He lands just outside Las Vegas, where he spies a buxom beauty named Cari. He comes to her aid when a casino patron gets a little too grabby with Cari, whom he has already decided will be his princess.

Cari lives paycheck to paycheck in her dead-end, depressing job. When a gorgeous stranger approaches her, she assumes he must be crazy with the talk of making her his princess and having his royal babies. But when he comes to her aid, she realizes she doesn’t want him to get in trouble for defending her honor. She rushes him out the back door, only to have him kiss her.

When his technology shocks her into passing out, she finds herself on a spaceship that insists on being called “John Wayne” with this gorgeous alien on a one way trip to the planet Vezul.

Will an interspecies relationship actually work, and does love truly conquer all?

(story originally published in Mystical Royal Love box set)

Priince of Vezul-Tallen - Teaser 2






“They are. What do you mean by your world?” Cari put her hands on her hips. Yes, provoking the crazy man was probably not wise, but she was angry now! Some ass-spanking pervert accosts her, Mr. Tall Dark and Crazy saves her, so she saves him from being arrested, and he repays her by kidnapping her.

“Your world… Earth. I am sorry. Did you wish to see it before we left?”

“We left Earth?” She laughed; she could not help it. Until he muttered something indistinguishable and the walls, ceiling, and floor disappeared. Cari screamed and grabbed his black skin tight suit, except she wasn’t falling. How can I be standing among the stars? “Is that Earth?” Her voice squeaked as she spotted what looked like the pictures that NASA released from roving satellites.

“Yes. Is this what you call hugging? It is quite pleasing.”


TITLE – Christmas In D.C.
AUTHOR – C.A. Tibbitts
GENRE – Contemporary romantic suspense
PUBLICATION DATE – August 21, 2015
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 33 pages/10,800 words
PUBLISHER – eXcessica Publishing
COVER ARTIST – C.A. Tibbitts

Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.BOOK SYNOPSIS

Naomi has worked as Will’s assistant at college where he teaches law classes as she earns her degree as a Paralegal.

After Naomi graduates, she learns that Will is quitting the college to work for a Senator in Washington D.C. When Will asks Naomi to work with him and the Senator. it does not take her long to accept the position.

No longer a professor and student, the attraction of this 30-something year old couple is palpable.

A terrifying act leads Naomi to a heartbreaking discovery. Did she ever really know Will at all?

(story originally published in Wickedly Exotic Winter Erotic Wonderland box set)

Christmas In DC - Teaser 2




young sexy female Santa seduces man


Will’s eyes looked away for a brief moment, and something else held his attention. He pushed her behind him, and she voiced a complaint before a gunshot rang out. He suddenly slumped to the floor at her feet.

Naomi screamed. She dropped to the floor beside him and saw blood spreading further and further along the front of his white dress shirt. She pushed against his chest, unsure what to do.

More shots rang out and passengers were screaming and taking refuge on the floor and beside the chairs in front of the sliding doors. A pair of bright orange tennis shoes ran by and narrowly avoided stepping on Will’s limp hand.

CA Tibbetts - ButtonAUTHOR BIO

C.A. Tibbitts lives in Oklahoma, USA, with her husband of 18 years and a bossy parakeet. She has a degree as a paralegal and worked for the District Attorney’s office, and before that, she worked as a travel agent.

Though she wrote for years as a hobby, her first published book was in August of 2014. Best known for her Pepper Valley Shifters series, she also has several short stories published with the Mystical Box Set Babes and in the Wickedly Exotic seasons series.

She loves to hear from her readers, and deeply appreciates honest reviews.






2 ebooks of Prince Of Vezul: Tallen
2 ebooks of Christmas in DC

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Author Spotlight – Historical Romance Author Meredith Bond

Meredith Bond Author Spotlight

August 19, 2015

This week on Duchess of Romance, I’d like to introduce you to Award-winning author, Meredith Bond.

About the Author LOB

meredith bond photo

​​Meredith Bond’s books straddle that beautiful line between historical romance and fantasy. An award-winning author, she writes fun traditional Regency romances, medieval Arthurian romances, and Regency romances with a touch of magic. Known for her characters “who slip readily into one’s heart,” Meredith loves to take her readers on a journey they won’t soon forget. ​Merry has two ​newly ​independent children and a loving, supportive husband​ and is currently enjoying the wonders of an empty next.​

Social Links LOB

Website: http://www.meredithbond.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/meredithbondauthor

Twitter: https://twitter.com/merrybond

Google +: https://plus.google.com/+MeredithBond/posts

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/merrybond/

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/meredith-bond/69/a64/647/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/847484.Meredith_Bond

Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/merrybond​

or email me directly at merry@meredithbond.com. I love hearing from readers and will always write back.​

My Interview with Meredith

  1. Describe a typical writing day. Are you a morning, afternoon, or night-owl writer?

I do my best writing in the afternoon. I don’t know why but my most creative time is usually 3-7pm. I have to set an alarm so that I remember to stop working to make dinner for my family.

  1. Can you tell us about your current work-in-progress?

I’m desperately trying to finish up rewriting the last book in the Merry Men Quartet. It was originally published by Zebra Books as Wooing Miss Whately, but I have to admit that when I reread the book I didn’t like my heroine at all! I’m, therefore, completely rewriting her character to make her someone who I’d like to be friends with.

It’s a fun book – sort of a comedy in that everyone has a secret they’re keeping from everyone else. It leads to all sorts of problems and involves a lot of sneaking around, but it’s tricky to write—I have to remember who knows what when and how they’d react not knowing what others know. Lol!

  1. What inspires you when you’re writing? A good story and interesting characters. I love getting into character, much in the same way that an actor does, before I begin to write. I imagine myself as the character in the particular situation that they’re in and then let it go from there.
  1. What’s your favorite item on your writing desk?

My pen, whichever pen it is that day (I change pens nearly every day, rotating my collection—and I’ve got a very large collection!)

  1. What’s your favorite genre and why?

To write, definitely Regency romance and I love the magical world I’ve created so adding in that touch of magic is loads of fun (imagining the possibilities). To read, I switch back and forth between Regency romance, urban fantasy and mystery. Every so often, I’ll read something with a more literary bent just to be different (I recently finished reading The Thirteenth Tale, boy was that fun!)

  1. Any advice you have for a blossoming author?

Read. Write. Honestly, those are the two things that all new authors need to do. They need to read widely in every genre and they need to write every day because writing is like a muscle, it gets stronger the more you work it.

  1. When you’re not writing, how do you spend your time?

I love to knit while watching sports on t.v. And at least once a week, if not more, I’ll go for a long walk either through the city where I live or I’ll find a lovely park to walk through.

  1. Anything else you’d like to share with your readers?

I love connecting with readers. I love talking with them, exchanging ideas on what makes a story fun to read and hearing about what they liked and didn’t like in mine. So, please don’t be shy, write to me! Or stop by my Facebook page and say ‘hi!’.

Meredith Bond’s Books

The Children of Avalon Trilogy

The Merry Men Quartet

The Storm Series

Teasers LOB

dandy in disguise teaser 1

MB an exotic heir teaser MB Teaser

Character Interview – Sir Arthur Dagonet

Where are you from?

A small village in England, close to the Welsh border.

What do you want from life?

To escape from it. I’ve been alive for too many years (over 1000). Enough’s enough. Too many people I’ve loved have died and I’d like to be able to join them.

Could you describe yourself to me? Physically?

I’m nearly six-feet tall (I considered very tall for my time, I’ll have you know) and weight about 13 stone. I’ve got red hair, green eyes, and, if I may be so bold, not a bad physique—especially for one as old as I. In other words, I keep fit. It helps that I’m a knight and try to keep up my fighting skills. Arthur always did insist that we train regularly and I’ve kept up the habit throughout my life—er, that’s King Arthur, naturally.

If you were granted three wishes, what would you ask for?

Well, first of all to die, or at the very least have this blasted curse, er, I mean, gift of Merlin’s removed. It’s what keeps me alive, you know, and has gotten rather, er, well, tiresome. If I could have the first, I would wish to be content with my life. I can’t say that I am just at the moment, I’m sad to say. It’s not an easy life I lead, travelling around the world searching for a way to remove this curse. Oh, I see a great deal of the world. I mean fascinating people. Don’t misunderstand, I love being an explorer, I just wish that I didn’t have this weight hanging over me. And finally, I would wish for others to be content. There are too many people unhappy with their lot in life. I try to help when I can, but, well… there’s only so much one man can do, don’t you know?

In your relationship with others, how are you different with family than you are with friends? Why?

Well, don’t have family any more, now, do I? They’re all dead or moved on. Stopped keeping in touch with the descendants after a while. Got too difficult, don’t you know. Too many of them and, well, it’s not very pleasant building up a relationship only to have that person die while I lived on. I’ve had enough funerals to attend in my life. I try to keep my distance now from both family and friends. Stay away from close relationships all together.

How do you fall in love? At first sight? Over a long period?

Ah, what a question! I’ve only fallen in love a few times in my life, if you can believe it. She has to be a very special person. I’m not attracted to your ordinary miss. No, I need someone strong, intelligent and clever. Lady Morgan quite ruined me for other women, don’t you know? She is absolutely the ideal of womanhood in my opinion. Beautiful, strong, determined. Knows what she wants and is able to hold her own in either a physical fight, a magical one or an intellectual debate. By God, but she’s magnificent! Er, sorry, got a bit carried away there. Anyway, the women I have fallen in love with have all been like that. Been married twice, now, you know. Both incredible women. Now as to the speed with which I fell in love, well, it really depends on how quickly I get to know someone. If I get to know her quickly—and she is all that I admire in womanhood—I imagine it could happen quite quickly. If it takes me some time to get to know, well, then slowly.

Describe your ideal mate.

Oh, er, I believe I answered that one in your last question. Sorry about that.

What parts of loving come easy for you? Hard?

Well, taking that leap, I suppose. It’s difficult to trust someone with your most closely held secrets and telling others that I don’t die, well, it’s not something I go bragging about, don’t you know? And then there’s the whole business of my looking for a way to put an end to that. Not an easy topic to confide to someone. So, er, trust. Trust is difficult. And, er, not being overly protective. I’m a knight you know. Been well drilled into me to protect the damsels, wot, wot? So here I am falling in love with a strong woman who is well able to protect herself and there I am trying to protect her. Doesn’t always go over very well, you know. Had problems with that, I have to say. The actual loving part, well, hah! That part comes easily.

When you walk into a room, what do you notice first? Second?

Anything that can be used as a weapon. Always got to be prepared. I’m also very aware of the people in the room, who they are and what they’re capable of.

What really moves you, or touches you to the soul?

Kindness. People caring for other people.

What do you consider are your strengths?

My fighting skills are top, naturally. I’m also quite proud of my ability to adapt with the times and learn new skills. It’s vitally important for someone who doesn’t die, don’t you know?

What do you consider are your weaknesses?

It’s not easy not forming relationships. Keeping myself distant is difficult. If I don’t, though, I know I’m going to be hurt when they die and I don’t.

What is one physical attribute you are proud of?

I’m rather fond of my red hair. It’s always a shame when it turns white with age, but even then my hair stays full and thick. Quite proud of that.

What one physical attribute would you change?

My height, I suppose. When I was young I was one of the tallest fellows around. Now-a-days men grow so much taller. Makes me feel quite short.

What’s the most important thing in your life? What do you value most?

Nothing really. I’ve deliberately arranged my life so that I’m not attached to anything.

How do you feel about your life right now? What, if anything, would you like to change?

Well, as I mentioned, I’m trying to put an end that. Don’t need to go into that unpleasantness again, do I? Sorry, but it is a source of endless frustration for me. Been travelling the world for the past four hundred years trying to find a way out of this endless cycle. Haven’t found it yet.

What are you most afraid of?

Going on like this forever. Honestly, it scares me more than anything you could imagine.

Thank You April Holthaus Party

Thank you, Meredith for visiting. It was such a joy to spotlight you on the blog this week.

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**Spotlight – Jude Knight** A Baron for Becky by Jude Knight

Jude Knight Author Spotlight

August 18, 2015

On Duchess of Romance today, I’m spotlighting Jude Knight and her latest: A Baron for Becky. I’m so pleased to host you on my blog today, Jude, thank you for visiting! Also, joining us for a lovely teatime chat is Hugh, Baron Overton.

A Baron for Becky

Jude Knight A Baron for Becky Cover

Genre: Regency romance, historical romance

Heat rating: R for implied sexual content, 2 out of 5 flames

Giveaway: Free copy of A Baron for Becky to random commenter

Tagline: She was a fallen woman when she met them. How can they help her fall on her feet?

Book Blurb LOB

Becky is the envy of the courtesans of the demi-monde – the indulged mistress of the wealthy and charismatic Marquis of Aldridge. But she dreams of a normal life; one in which her daughter can have a future that does not depend on beauty, sex, and the whims of a man.

Finding herself with child, she hesitates to tell Aldridge. Will he cast her off, send her away, or keep her and condemn another child to this uncertain shadow world?

The devil-may-care face Hugh shows to the world hides a desperate sorrow; a sorrow he tries to drown with drink and riotous living. His years at war haunt him, but even more, he doesn’t want to think about the illness that robbed him of the ability to father a son. When he dies, his barony will die with him. His title will fall into abeyance, and his estate will be scooped up by the Crown.

When Aldridge surprises them both with a daring proposition, they do not expect love to be part of the bargain.


Romance, Regency romance, A Baron for Becky, Aldridge, Marquis of Aldridge, The Golden Redepennings, courtesan, mistress stories, arranged marriage, Jude Knight, @JudeKnightBooks

#Romance #Regency #RegencyRomance #HistRom #BellesInBlue


About the Author LOB

Jude Knight

Jude Knight writes strong determined heroines, heroes who can appreciate a clever capable woman, villains you’ll love to loathe, and all with a leavening of humour.

Jude Knight is the pen name of Judy Knighton. After a career in commercial writing, editing, and publishing, Jude is returning to her first love, fiction. Her novella, Candle’s Christmas Chair, was released in December 2014, and is in the top ten on several Amazon bestseller lists in the US and UK. Her first novel Farewell to Kindness, was released on 1 April, and is first in a series: The Golden Redepennings.

Buy Links LOB

Amazon http://amzn.to/1C3hFNl

Amazon UK http://amzn.to/1H3YmTk

Amazon Aus http://bit.ly/1HzUZ9R

Smashwords http://bit.ly/1HzUXPf

Barnes & Noble http://bit.ly/1GRTvkR

iBooks http://apple.co/1FVFNfU

Kobo http://bit.ly/1NzI2LK

Social Links LOB

Jude’s social media

Visit Jude’s Website http://judeknightauthor.com/

Like Jude on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/JudeKnightAuthor

Follow Jude on Twitter http://twitter.com/JudeKnightBooks

Subscribe to Jude’s newsletter: http://judeknightauthor.com/newsletter/

Subscribe to Jude’s blog: http://judeknightauthor.com

Follow Jude on Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/judeknight

Jude’s Other Books (on Amazon)

Candle’s Christmas Chair (free novella): http://amzn.to/1LO6zN0

Farewell to Kindness (Book One, the Golden Redepennings): http://amzn.to/1Ce4lpP

 Excerpt LOB

Excerpt 1 (411 words) PG heat level

Aldridge never did find out how he came to be naked, alone, and sleeping in the small summerhouse in the garden of a country cottage. His last memory of the night before, had him twenty miles away, and—although not dressed—in a comfortable bed, and in company.

The first time he woke, he had no idea how far he’d come, but the moonlight was bright enough to show him half-trellised window openings, and an archway leading down a short flight of steps into a garden. A house loomed a few hundred feet distant, a dark shape against the star-bright sky. But getting up was too much trouble, particularly with a headache that hung inches above him, threatening to split his head if he moved. The cushioned bench on which he lay invited him to shut his eyes and go back to sleep. Time enough to find out where he was in the morning.

When he woke again, he was facing away from the archway entrance, and there was someone behind him. Silence now, but in his memory, the sound of light footsteps shifting the stones on the path outside, followed by twin intakes of breath as the walkers saw him.

One of them spoke; a woman’s voice, but low—almost husky. “Sarah, go back to the first rosebush and watch the house.”

“Yes, Mama.” A child’s voice.

Aldridge waited until he heard the child dance lightly down the steps and away along the path, then shifted his weight slightly letting his body roll over till he was lying on his back.

He waited for the exclamation of shock, but none came. Carefully—he wanted to observe her before he let her know he was awake, and anyway, any sudden movement might start up the hammers above his eye sockets—he cracked open his lids, masking his eyes with his lashes.

He could see more than he expected. The woman was using a shuttered lantern to examine him, starting at his feet. She paused for a long time when she reached his morning salute and it grew even prouder. Then she swept her light up his torso so quickly, he barely had time to slam his lids shut before the light reached and lingered over his face.

She was just a vague shadow behind the light. He held himself still while she completed her examination, which she did with a snort of disgust. Not the reaction to which he was accustomed.

Excerpt 2 (478 words) PG heat level

Becky lost her next thought as he whisked her into a curtained alcove and proceeded to kiss her. She thought she knew kisses. Rough and clumsy connections, rude invasions of her mouth as the man who had purchased the right violently mauled her breasts and buttocks. Those weren’t kisses. This; this was a kiss: a firm but gentle invitation to a duet, patiently coaxing a response and then turning to a dance, a partnership of giving and taking that spun music through every vein in her body. Becky forgot where she was, almost who she was, as she melted against him, lost in a world of sensation.

Sarah. Campaign plan. She pulled back, and Aldridge let her go.

“Something on account,” Aldridge suggested.

“Perhaps.” She peeked cautiously around the curtain and then hurried away down the silent hall.

Aldridge next approached her after dinner, sitting on the other side of the love seat she’d deliberately chosen in a shadowed corner of the great parlour, out of the direct view of the earl, who was playing the pianoforte, and the countess, who was turning the pages of music for him.

“I love that shade of blue on you, Mrs Darling.,” he said.

She blushed. Her lovers had seldom bothered to compliment her, though extravagant, excruciatingly bad, poetry had been written to The Rose of Frampton by those who didn’t have her in their keeping.

“It needs something else, though,” Aldridge commented. He pulled out a tissue-wrapped package. “Not the diamonds and sapphires I thought of buying, but it is just the colour of your eyes. I had to see it on you.”

‘This’ was a shawl in patterns of blue, so fine it was small enough when rolled to fit into his jacket pocket, but large enough to wrap warmly around her shoulders. She jumped up to examine it in the mirror, and he followed her, standing inches away, but leaning forward to breathe on her ear as he said, “Exquisite.”

She should refuse the gift. Proper ladies did not take gifts from gentlemen. But they both knew she was not a lady, and she was well used to gifts with a price tag attached.

“Something on account?” she asked.

“Not this time. A present, given freely, with no expectation of reward. Because I admire you, lovely Rose.”

She had to remind herself of every rumour she had heard about the man. And even then, if she’d not heard him working his charm on Smite’s men, she might have unravelled as he clearly expected. No wonder he had left such a string of broken hearts behind him.

It would be a mistake to give in too easily.

“And in return,” she told him, “I freely give you my thanks, my lord.”

She was rewarded with a moment’s stunned amazement before the amused look reappeared. “Well played, Mrs Darling,” he murmured.

Excerpt 3 (324 words) PG heat level

The maid must have added a fresh log to the fire just before they arrived. The top was still uncharred, but flames licked up from the bed of hot embers. A twig that jutted from one side suddenly flared, turned black, and shrivelled. The bottom of the log began to glow red.

The duchess spoke again, startling Becky out of her flame-induced trance.

“What do you want for your daughter, Mrs Darling?”

“A better life,” Becky said immediately, suddenly fierce. “A chance to be respectable. A life that does not depend on the whims of a man.”

“The first two may be achievable,” the duchess said, dryly. “The third is unlikely, in the extreme, for any woman of any station. You expect my son to help you to this goal, I take it.”

Becky was suddenly tired of polite circling. “I was saving so that I could leave this life, start again in another place under another name. But my last protector cheated me and stole from me.

“I do what I must, Your Grace. Should I have killed myself when I was disgraced? I had no skills anyone wanted to buy. I could play the piano, a little; sew, but others were faster and better; paint, but indifferently; parse a Latin sentence, but not well. Should I have starved in the gutter where they threw me?

“Well, I wasn’t given that choice. Those who took me from the gutter knew precisely what I had that others would pay for. As soon as I could, I began selling it for myself, and I Will. Not. Be. Ashamed.”

Her vehemence did not ruffle the duchess’s calm. “We all do what we must, my dear. I am not judging you. Men have the power in this world, and women of the gentry are raised to depend on them for our survival. But you must know that Aldridge cannot offer marriage to a woman with your history.”

Excerpt 4 (579 words) R-18 heat level

As the door closed behind Sarah and the groom, Becky looked suspiciously at Aldridge.

“Yes,” he said. “I arranged it.”

“You knew they had kittens?”

“Or puppies, or foals, or some other small, furry distraction. It did not matter what. We have little time, Becky. I just wanted to give you something to think about between now and when we reach London.”

She stepped towards him, expecting an embrace, but he held up his hand. “No. Stay there, or I will have you right on this table, and you do not want your daughter walking in on that. But I do want to tell you precisely what I have in mind for tonight. I have been planning it as I rode. Somewhat uncomfortable, but a man must make sacrifices.”

He reached out and skimmed her shape from neck to waist, without touching.

“First, we will settle Miss Sarah in nursery, and she may have a dozen maids to keep her company and do her bidding, but prepare her, Becky, for the fact that you will be otherwise occupied.”

Becky nodded.

“Then,” his lips curved in that same wicked smile, and he deliberately and slowly licked his upper lip.

“A bath first, I think. I have one large enough for two, my dear, and it shall be waiting, piping hot and perfumed. You shall stand by the fire, Becky, where it is warm, and I shall be your maid. Or perhaps not quite, for would a maid, as she loosened and removed your stays, brush your arms with feather-light touches? Would she gently and tenderly caress your lovely thighs as she rolled down your stockings, running her fingertips up, oh so softly, almost but not quite to your most secret treasures?. Would she, when she lifted your chemise, cup your beautiful breasts and run a thumb over your nipples? They tighten and pebble. Is it the cold, Becky, that makes them so hard? Let us have you up and into the bath, then.

“Now your turn. I have gazed upon your glories. Lie back and soak up the heat, and I shall disrobe for you. Will you be pleased with what you see, I wonder? Ah…” she was about to speak, but he put his finger on her lips. “Yes, you saw me before, by the light of one candle. But my room shall have many candles, Becky, that we might enjoy the sight, as well as the touch, of one another.

“Where were we? Ah yes, you are lying in the bath, all relaxed in the hot perfumed water, waiting for me to serve at your pleasure. Picture me at your feet, dear Becky, soaping my hands. We shall order you your own soap, the softest, finest soap money can buy, and you shall choose the perfumes to scent it with, but tonight, we shall use mine.

“What shall I wash first, I wonder. These?” He reached out again, this time shaping her breasts, his hands a bare inch from her skin.

Step by step, he described how he would bring her to completion in the bath, and then what they would do after “on the rug by the fire, dear Becky, this first time, if you will allow,” and then how they would sleep, and wake again for another encounter he had also planned, and described in detail.

By the time the servant returned with Sarah, Becky’s eyes were glazed and her thighs slick with arousal.

Character Interview: Hugh Baron Overton

Joining us today on the blog, we have Hugh Baron Overton. Welcome Hugh!

“Hello, Lady Janet. Thank you for inviting me to join you today.” (He takes a seat in the shadows, turning his head so we can see only the unscarred side of his face.)

The other man was as tall as Aldridge, but dark to his fair. He must once have been stunningly handsome, one side of his face still carved by a master. Subtle curves and strong planes combined in a harmonious whole, speaking of strength and, in the lines at the corners of his eyes, suffering.

On the other side, dozens of scars pitted and ridged the skin, as if it had been torn and chewed by an animal—an animal with jaws of flame, by the tell-tale burn puckers. Thankfully, whatever it was had missed his eye

So, Hugh, tell us a little more about yourself

“Certainly. What would you like to know?”

Where are you from?

“I was born and raised in Central Lancashire. My father and mother lived in the town nearest to Overton Hall, and I spent much of my time there, with my cousins. Of course, I never imagined that I would one day be baron in my uncle’s place.”

My family are not prolific, but my grandfather had two sons, and my father the younger. I am an only child, but my uncle had two sons and a daughter. Then, five deaths in the family in one year, and suddenly, I am Baron Overton.”

What do you do?

“I am baron, as I said, so I manage my estates, but I also have interests in trade. Indeed, I rebuilt my family’s fortune through trade.”

And it had worked: those long voyages to secure cotton for the mill in Liverpool, trips to London for buyers, constant scurrying to and from the West Indies and the length and breadth of England.

What do you want from life?

“I want to do my duty. That means building a future for my daughters, my tenants and the estate, the mill and its workers. I want to, and for as long as I live I will. But after? I cannot perform the most basic duty of a peer. Ultimately, I have one chance at what I want in life. My hopes all lie with my new wife.”

The wound was always raw. The Overtons had never been prolific breeders, but they’d held this land and served these people since Charles II had rewarded a faithful ancestor at the Restoration. And Hugh would be the last.

How do you fall in love? At first sight? Over a long period?

“Love? Love was not part of the bargain that Becky and I made. I respect her. I like being married to her. She looks after my daughters, and she makes my house a home again. But that isn’t love. Is it?”

Slowly, it dawned on him that he had fallen in love with his wife. Fallen in love with her, been severed from her, and missed her like a lost limb. It was too late now. If only he had told her! He couldn’t force the words on her now, when he had hurt her so badly, and she so clearly regretted marrying him.

The house was in mourning.

If you were granted three wishes, what would you ask for?

“I would ask for a son to inherit the title and the land. That’s what I want above all. If I had that, I could be sure of the rest—safety and happiness for the girls, security for the people who depend on me. No. I have another wish. A contented old age together with Becky.”

What really moves you, or touches you to the soul?

“I have been really moved to see Becky with my daughters. Their own mother did not have time for them, you know. But Becky… I knew how much she cared for her own daughter, but she has taken mine into her heart with the same generous love. Nothing gives me greater joy than to see them all together.”

Hugh looked. The mother, bending over her daughter, exclaiming over the doll’s articulated arms and legs, and its wardrobe. And the child, her mother in miniature. Identical heart-shaped faces; identical dark hair, tied back but with tiny curls left loose around their foreheads; identical porcelain skin and cornflower blue eyes fringed with dark lashes.

So beautiful.

So intent, eyes full of love for her daughter, like statues of the Madonna he had seen in Catholic Italy, before he sold out.

God, he needed a drink.

What is one physical attribute you are proud of?

Hugh’s eyes twinkle and his voice drops. “I have quite a lot of… energy. That may not be the kind of physical attribute you are thinking of, but my wife appreciates it.”

Physical exercise—productive, necessary work—helped. He’d thrown himself into the harvest. This was the last farm, and they’d scythed and cocked more than half the tenant’s grain today.

Hugh stopped at the end of the row. How much progress had they made? The sun would be down soon; they had perhaps another hour of light.

“Reckon we’ll finish this field tonight, my lord,” said Beckham, whose barley crop they were getting in. Hugh nodded as he took a tankard of ale from the man’s wife. “I reckon we will, Beckham,” he agreed.

What one physical attribute would you change?

“I would remove my scars if I could. They cover all one side from my head to my knee.

She was prepared, or she would have gasped. As with his face, smooth skin on one side contrasted with seared and puckered scars on the other. Show no disgust. Nothing but polite interest. In truth, she was not disgusted, but compassion would not be welcomed, either. He would take it for pity.

What’s the most important thing in your life? What do you value most?

“My family. My wife, and the children we are raising together. They are more important to me than anything else in my life.”

He caught her then, stopped her in her stride with a hand on each shoulder. His dark eyes sought the raw wounds he and Aldridge were making of her scars. “I’ve set a plan with Aldridge to establish you safely, and I promise you this. Whatever comes, I will stand by you and your children. If you and I agree to wed, I will never abandon you.”

He was taller than Aldridge, and broader. She felt tiny next to him. But his hands were gentle and his eyes kind and sincere. Could she trust him? The quiet anonymous life of a middle-class widow would be safe, but the dream she had outlined to Aldridge was ahead of her, if she dared reach for it. Perhaps even love. He would be easy to love, this battered warrior who sheltered orphans and was prepared to change his mind when he was wrong.

Thank you so much for stopping by and chatting with us, Hugh. It was lovely meeting you!

“Thank you, Janet. I’ve enjoyed talking with you, and I wish you and your readers’ happy reading.


 Thank You April Holthaus Party

Thank you so much for joining us today, Jude. It was a pleasure hosting you on the blog!

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**Release Day Blitz** Vexed by a Vixen by USA Today Bestselling Author Erin Knightley

Release Day Blitz Erin Knightley Banner

Release Day Blitz

USA Today Bestselling Author

Erin Knightly

Erin Knightley Vexed by a Discount

 Vexed by a Viscount – An All’s Fair in Love Novella

By: Erin Knightly

Genre: Historical Romance

Release Date: August 11, 2015

Pages: 101

About the Book LOB

 Prudence Landon has always done exactly as she should. She’s obeyed her parents’ every word, lived by society’s every dictate, and even agreed to marry a man more than twice her age simply because it was expected of her. In the fortnight before her wedding, she decides it’s high time to bend a few rules before life as she knows it is over.

Viscount Ashby leads a charmed life. Betrothed since the age of seven, he is perfectly content to allow his off-the-market status to keep the marriage-minded mamas at bay. When he returns home to his parent’s estate and finds their prim, straight-laced young neighbor swimming naked in broad daylight, he’s both amused and intrigued.

When Ash discovers Prudence’s upcoming nuptials to the aging squire, he decides to help her live a little before the parson’s mousetrap springs closed. But what started as good fun soon leads to something much more. With her wedding fast approaching, they must choose between breaking all the rules and losing their one chance for happiness.

Excerpt LOB


The question remains, however: Why would a perfectly proper, perfectly betrothed young woman step so thoroughly off the straight and narrow path?”

It was hard to think when he was so close, watching her so intently. Despite the levity in his eyes, she knew he intended to root out the truth. She glanced down and fussed with her gloves, buying a moment to gather her thoughts. “As I said, a whim.”

“One tries a new hairstyle on a whim. One decides to visit a good friend on a whim. One does not swim naked on one’s neighbor’s property on a whim. Especially when one’s name is Prudence.” His hands went to his hips as he lifted an eyebrow and waited for her response.

She blanched a bit at his frank words. Glancing around to be absolutely certain no one could have overheard, she said, “Please, do not speak of it. I have admitted to how ill-advised it was, and I am attempting to pretend it never happened.”

“I see. In that case, let us talk in hypotheticals. A young woman of impeccable manners and with an exceptionally well-regarded family decides to do something utterly outrageous. Why, I wonder, might she suddenly decide to do such a thing?”

Hypotheticals. Yes, she could do that. Lifting her shoulders in an I’m-merely-speculating sort of way, she said, “Perhaps one doesn’t want to live one’s entire life without some small adventure.”

Nodding thoughtfully, he turned and began to walk again. She fell into step beside him, hoping against hope that he would drop it.

“An adventure. But if one is young, there will be ample time for adventure. And entire lifetime, really.”

“Unless one is about to be married off to someone decades her senior who prefers to sit indoors on a perfectly lovely evening and bypass such things as dinner parties and dances whenever possible. One could shortly become stuck in one’s new life, particularly when one has children.”

He cut a glance her way before setting his gaze on the flagstone path before them. “Hmm. Yes, I see how one would feel the need for adventure. I feel the need for adventure, just hearing of such a fate.”

A small seed of panic bloomed in her belly as she realized how very honest she had just been. What was wrong with her? Was she so desperate to let out her worries that she would speak so frankly to a man who was little more than an acquaintance?

Yes, actually.

Desperate was exactly what she had been feeling lately. Was that not what had caused her to act so rashly in the first place? “And there is no harm in it. Assuming one is discreet . . . as is any person who may accidentally stumble upon the adventure.”

He nodded, only the barest hint of a smile gracing his lips. “Yes, I imagine that is key.”

They had already wordlessly established as much at dinner, but it did make her feel somewhat better to have it said aloud.

“I wonder, though . . .”

She waited, but he didn’t say any more. Against her better judgment, she couldn’t help but give in. “Yes?”

“What other adventures does one have planned?”

She gaped at him. How did he know she had a list?

His teeth flashed white as he smiled hugely. “Aha—so you do have more adventures planned.”

Buy Links LOB

Erin Knightly Vexed by a Viscount Teaser

 Amazon: http://amzn.to/1DEpNoG
B&N: http://goo.gl/ccX2dm
iBooks: https://goo.gl/MlJXrR
Kobo: https://goo.gl/4yxMtu


 About the Author LOB

Erin Knightly

Despite being an avid reader and closet writer her whole life, Erin Knightley decided to pursue a sensible career in science. It was only after earning her B.S. and working in the field for years that she realized doing the sensible thing wasn’t any fun at all. Following her dreams, Erin left her practical side behind and now spends her days writing. An award winning and USA Today Bestselling author, she is living her own Happily Ever After in North Carolina with her tall, dark, and handsome husband and their three spoiled mutts.

Social Links LOB


Website: http://www.erinknightley.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/erinknightley

Twitter: https://twitter.com/erinknightley

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0OW1N1UkvNkPjzWjotUpCw

Newsletter Signup Form:


Erin’s Blog: http://haveyourcakeandreadittoo.blogspot.com/

Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/Erin-Knightley/e/B006VOKT3W

Goodreads Author Page: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5337352.Erin_Knightley

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**Author Spotlight** USA Today Bestselling Author Julie Johnstone

Author Spotlight Julie Johnstone Banner

I’d love to bring to you today USA Today Bestselling Author of Regency Historical Romance; Julie Johnstone. Spotlighting her latest release My Enchanting Hoyden (A Once Upon A Rogue Novel Book 3). Don’t miss this amazing tale of love and passion.

My Enchanting Hoyden (A Once Upon A Rogue Novel Book 3)

By Julie Johnstone

Genre: Historical Romance

Released: August 3, 2015

My Enchanting Hoyden cover

About the Book LOB

 A bargain born of desperation ignites into passion as one lord’s quest to save his family leads to the discovery that he can never settle for less than love.

Forsaken, abandoned, and duped, Miss Jemma Adair has no other recourse but to request her grandfather’s help to avoid living on the streets. His asking price? She must marry a neighboring lord’s odious son. Thankfully, there is a way out of her dilemma—ensuring the rake never asks for her hand. But what is Jemma to do when her ally is an all-too handsome silver-tongued lord with a penchant for poetry that makes her question giving her heart to another man?

Philip De Vere, Lord Harthorne, wishes to marry for love, but inherited debt and family obligations force him to seek a wealthy wife. Yet experience has taught him that ladies of the ton prefer rogues to gentlemen with a poet’s soul. But when an unrepentant hoyden claims to know a thing or two about how to make a man a rake, Philip finds he cannot resist Jemma’s offer or her.

Excerpt LOB

Excerpt Number One:

Jemma licked her lips and batted her eyes. “Smile wolfishly,” she whispered. “And then reach for my face as if you want to touch it and can barely hold yourself back.”

Philip complied, immediately coming a hairbreadth from touching the delicate slope of her cheekbone. His entire body so ached with the need to touch her that his fingers trembled and he had to clench his hand into a fist in order to stop himself. He hissed as he snatched his hand back and pressed it to his side.

Her eyes widened as she looked at him. “That was utterly believable,” she said in low, hushed tones. “You are a very quick learner.”

Everything about her beckoned him in. “It’s easy to play the rake with a teacher as beautiful as you.” Hellfire. He was out of control. He had to compose himself and remember who he was, who she was, and what could never be.

“Still practicing?” she asked in a throaty voice.

No. He nodded. He refused to speak any more lies.

Excerpt Number Two:

Philip was acutely aware of Jemma in a thousand ways at once. Her heart beat quickly against his chest through her fine silk gown. She had a strong grip but slender fingers. She smelled of lavender with an undertone of lilac. She fit perfectly under his chin and against him. She radiated a warmth akin to the sun’s.

Her sobbing broke his heart in a way he could write a thousand lovelorn poems about and still never capture just how much he wanted to erase her pain. If circumstances were different, he suspected he could fall for her so deeply that finding his way to the surface of sanity would be impossible, yet he’d be blissful where he dwelled with her. But circumstances weren’t different, and he could not fall. He released her, and as he did, she swiped at her damp cheeks.

His chest tightened mercilessly, and he ached to wrap his arms around her. He exhaled a long breath and took another deep one in the hope that his voice would not give away exactly how much he wanted to touch her.

Release Day Excerpts:

Philip barreled out of the study, down the corridor into the main hall, and brushed past the footman who was reaching to open the door for him. Philip, needing an escape from his own thoughts, flung open the door and stormed outside. He would have kept going straight to his awaiting carriage if he hadn’t crashed right into something very soft. That something let out a hearty umpf that told him right away the something was a someone. And when he looked up, he realized that someone was Jemma, teetering on the edge of the steps, her eyes wide and her arms waving frantically in the air as she tried to right herself.

For a moment, he stood stock-still, fascinated with the emotions careening across her lovely face. Determination. Fear. Frustration. Back to determination. An inspiration of words hit him: An Ode to a Tempestuous Woman.

She swayed backward, and he reached out and snagged his hand about her waist to save her. He meant only to bring her forward, but he overestimated how hard to tug and she ended up barreling into his chest, her hands grasping—no doubt in self-preservation—both his arms. The beat of her heart hammered against his chest, and the poetic words that had failed to come to him for more months than he could remember flowed through his mind as he stared down into her dazzling eyes. How had he failed to notice that gold flecked her blue-green eyes? He’d never seen the likes of her color.

“I could write a hundred poems about your eyes,” he blurted, lost in them.

Immediately, she tugged away, then moved down to the step below him and tilted her head up to look at him. She raised her hand to shield her eyes from the setting sun, or maybe to hide her eyes from him so he wouldn’t wax eloquent about them anymore. He felt like a fool. He could make a joke of it to save his pride, but he refused to do so.

The moment she realized he wasn’t jesting was clear by the flair of her nostrils and the subtle way she tried and failed to inhale a deep breath. “How boring that would be,” she finally said. She lifted her chin. “Would it go something like, She had round eyes, very oddly colored both green and blue?”

Ah. She didn’t truly see herself. Given that he barely knew her, he couldn’t decide if the revelation was surprising or shed light on her prickliness. If she saw herself as odd, maybe her sharp wit was a defense against her insecurity. The thought tightened his chest. His sister had seen herself in that same light for most of her life, and it had been hard to watch the toll it had taken.

Devil take it. He should simply leave, but he couldn’t do it. He wanted her to see herself through his eyes, so she would have a bit of confidence when having to brave the cruel ton in her debut. “I think the poem would go more like this: She had eyes of emeralds and sapphire ice, entrancing and fearsome at once. Beguiling, beseeching, bewitching in thrice…”

His heart pounded as he looked at her. He didn’t know where that had come from, but he was damned proud of it. That was his one last act as a non-rake.

She turned her face away for a moment, and when she glanced back at him, she shook her head, almost as if at herself. “You have a beautiful gift for lying.”

He frowned. “Was that your version of a compliment?”

She cocked her head and drew her eyebrows upward. “Take it as whatever you desire.”

He wanted her to realize she was lovely because soon she would realize how little it might matter without a dowry, but it appeared he had bungled it. He could feel the heat in his cheeks. Rakes didn’t blush, damn it all.

“I do not lie, Miss Adair.”

“You’d be the first man, then, Lord Harthorne.”

“Jemma!” a voice said in clear dismay from a few steps beneath her. Philip blinked in surprise at Jemma’s sister, Miss, Miss― Ah, hell. Her Christian name had completely escaped him. He could recall she was the younger sister, though, so propriety demanded he use her Christian name. Jemma had struck him dull-witted. Fine start to being a rogue, this was.

He sketched a hasty bow. “I didn’t see you standing there Miss…?” He certainly couldn’t pretend he remembered her name when he’d just told Miss Adair he didn’t lie.

“Miss Anne,” she said, offering one of her pleasant smiles.

She was a pretty thing, her pale looks currently all the fashion, but strangely not compelling to him as her flame-haired, freckle-flecked sister was. Everything about Jemma begged inspection, dissection, and quill to paper to figure out the conundrum she presented. Whereas Miss Anne appeared to be an open book. There was nothing wrong with that, but he had always liked the puzzles of life.

He cast a sideways glance at Jemma and found her studying him as if he were some foreign specimen she wasn’t sure whether to crush under her slipper or capture in a jar. “It’s a pleasure to see you again,” he said to Miss Anne.

“You’ll be seeing more of me,” the young lady gushed. “And my sister. We’re making our debut this Season.”

His gaze immediately went to Jemma’s face. He couldn’t help it. She displayed her displeasure vividly. A dark scowl marred her lovely features, and her lips pressed into a thin, white line. Clearly, she was not nearly as pleased to be making her debut and partaking in the Season as her sister was. He could relate. The prospect of countless balls filled with nonsensical chatter, false smiles, and his having to actively search for an heiress did not entice him in the least, but it was necessary.

“I wish you both happy hunting,” he said, unsure what else to say. “I’m certain we will run into one another again very soon.”

Jemma snorted, and her sister elbowed her in the side. Jemma cut her eyes to her sister before focusing on him once again. Something mischievous stirred in the depths of her eyes that matched the wicked smile suddenly lighting her face. “Is that what you are doing, Lord Harthorne? Hunting?”

“Are you?” he parried to sidestep the need to lie.

“No. I’m running.”

“Jemma,” her sister groaned.

She shrugged. “I doubt Lord Harthorne is bothered by me speaking my mind. Are you, Lord Harthorne?”

He had to smile. He rather liked her bold nature. “As long as your words don’t sting me, I am not bothered a bit. In fact, I find I’m quite intrigued.”

Her eyebrows knitted together. “My aim is not to intrigue.”

“Don’t you want a husband, Miss Adair?”

“About as much as I want the plague,” she replied cheekily.

He threw his head back and laughed, even as her sister grabbed her hand and started tugging on her. “I’m terribly sorry, Lord Harthorne. My sister is not herself tonight.”

“I’m myself,” Jemma called over her shoulder as her sister dragged her up the few steps to the front door.

As the door opened, Philip remembered the money in his coat. He’d forgotten to give it to his sister. “Miss Adair!”

Jemma swung around to face him and quirked her brows up. “Miss me already?”

By God, she was an outspoken lady. He itched to get home and create a poem worthy of her.

About the Author LOB

Julie Johnstone

Julie Johnstone is a USA Today best-selling author of Regency Romance and the author of a new urban fantasy/paranormal romance book. She’s been a voracious reader of books since she was a young girl. Her mother would tell you that as a child Julie had a rich fantasy life made up of many different make believe friends. As an adult, Julie is one of the lucky few who can say she is living the dream by working with her passion of creating worlds from her imagination. When Julie is not writing she is chasing her two precocious children around, cooking, reading or exercising. Julie loves to hear from her readers. You can send her an email at juliejohnstoneauthor@gmail.com or find her at http://www.juliejohnstoneauthor.com, or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/authorjuliejohnstone or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/juliejohnstoneauthor or at twitter @juliejohnstone.

Author Interview:

  1. Describe a typical writing day. Are you a morning, afternoon, or night-owl writer?

Do you know the saying ‘Kids change everything!’? That is so true! Before my kids came along I was a total night owl and I would stay up until two or three in the morning writing on my books, but now I am a morning and afternoon writer. I take the kids to school, and then I go straight to the gym. After my workout, I come home, write for three or four hours and then run errands and pick up the kids.

  1. Can you tell us about your current work-in-progress?

I’m currently working on the fifth Whisper of Scandal Novel. This one is titled The Dangerous Duke of Dinnisfree.

  1. What inspires you when you’re writing?

I’m really inspired by music. When I get stuck on a character I’ll often stop and listen to music that goes with how I want the character to be feeling. If I want angst, I’ll pull out Nina Simone. If I’m writing a fight scene I may pull out The Foo Fighters.

  1. What’s your favorite item on your writing desk?

My computer! Ha-ha! Just joking. Currently, my favorite item on my desk is the book I spent a fortune on so I could research for my second Lords Of Deception book. I’ve been wanting this research book for a very long time.

  1. What’s your favorite genre and why?

I love Historical romance, obviously, but I also love Medieval novels. I am a sucker for a knight or a lord, but I like bold heroines and action in my romances.

  1. Any advice you have for a blossoming author?

Develop incredibly thick skin and do not give up on your dream. Don’t let the naysayers snatch your dreams from you. Write, write and write some more even when you feel at your worst.

  1. When you’re not writing, how do you spend your time?

I love to go to the gym, read, cook, listen to music and travel. Of course, I have two young boys so I have to fit all this in with their very busy sports schedules.

  1. Anything else you’d like to share with your readers?

I really truly write because I love it and because my fondest hope it to bring happiness to others. I hope that my books do this.

Book Review Image

Review by Janet Greaves

My Enchanting Hoyden (A Once Upon A Rogue Novel Book 3) by Julie Johnstone is truly a masterpiece and a book that you will read cover to cover! I could hardly put the book down, it’s that good!

We start off with Heroine Jemma Adair working or should be working in her mother’s bakery but alas her mind is elsewhere. She’s focused on the whereabouts of her love, Will, whom she’d three days prior, given her innocence. She’s desperately awaiting the shop’s bell to ring and announce his arrival and his undying love for her and to take her as his wife. The bell does ring, however, she’s greeted by her mother and sister, Anne. Her mother had always warned Jemma about men and their mistreatment of women and that they can’t be trusted, having such a bad experience with the girls’ father and her heart being torn in two, she didn’t want to see the same fate occur to her girls. However, Jemma had hope that, Will would be different. It was only moments later, that Jemma learns the truth about Will, he’s headed to a life of being a highly successful lawyer and has a true lady society and wealth hanging on his arm… he breaks off with Jemma, taking not only her innocence but her trust and faith in men as well.

Debt collectors soon show up at the door of the bakery with warning to Jemma’s mother that she has mere days to pay the debts, lest she lose the bakery forever. Having heard all of this, she collapses and sadly leaves the girls behind to handle the debt and the bakery without her. In desperation and alone, Jemma reaches out to her grandfather the Duke. He comes through for her and Anne and agrees to take them to England, but on one condition; the girls must become proper ladies in six months’ time. Jemma wants nothing to do with marriage and men, that is until she meets Lord Hawthorne, Philip De Vere. Stuck in his own financial debts and taking care of his mother, Philip needs to marry for money, but his heart is that of a poets and romance speaks to his soul and he wants to marry for love… true love. Uncertain that he will ever find it and get out of his debts, that is until he meets Miss Jemma Adair. Can Jemma learn to love and see that not all men are heartless and cold? Will Philip be able to find a wife that he can love and share beautiful romantic and passionate evenings with? Will true love ever come to them?

Julie Johnstone’s writing is phenomenal in this tale of passion and love. She brings us characters that have such deep and vast personalities, the heroine Jemma is strong and courageous, with a witty and a sassy sense of humor, the hero, Philip De Vere is deeply romantic and passionate and is a true man of his word. Johnstone provides us with such deep and detailed historical accuracy and her scenery is out of this world, such intricate detail that she just draws the reader in and brings them back to Regency England.

If you’re looking for a deeply passionate and well written historical romance to escape into another time and place, then this is the book for you!

Buy Links LOB

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Enchanting-Hoyden-Once-Rogue-Novel-ebook/dp/B0103H442E/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1439174867&sr=8-1&keywords=julie+johnstone

Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/my-enchanting-hoyden-julie-johnstone/1122340585?ean=2940151672498

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/566132

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/my-enchanting-hoyden/id1021320476?mt=11

Thank You April Holthaus Party

I’d love to extend my warmest thanks to Julie Johnstone for graciously agreeing to this spotlight. It’s been such a joy having you on the blog today, Julie. Thank you so very much. Friends, absolutely love My Enchanting Hoyden and I highly recommend this wonderful book to all of you!

-Janet Greaves

Owner and Senior Editor at En Pointe Editing and Author Assistant Services.


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Jon Stewart is One of the Most Influential People for My Generation


This last Thursday, millions of viewers around the world had to say “goodbye” to Jon Stewart as host of “The Daily Show.” As much as it has been depressing for hardcore fans like myself, I have to keep remember what he’s said several times in the last few months.

“I’m not dying people!”

Jon Stewart at the 80th Academy Awards. Courtesy of en.wikipedia.org

I started watching Jon Stewart in 1999, when I was 6 years old. I remember arguing with kids the next year who said they wanted Bush to win the election. At 7 years old, I was encouraged to develop opinions and challenge bullshit, due only to one reason: If I watched “The Daily Show” with my parents, I got to stay up later on school nights.

I remember when Jon came back on the air after the September 11 attacks. In all my years of constant television…

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Dragons Knight’s Sword by Mary Morgan on Audible!

dragon's knight sword

Here’s what Mary has to say:

Available on audible! The first in the Order of the Dragon Knights series ~ DRAGON KNIGHT’S SWORD! Grab your favorite beverage, find a comfy chair, and be transported back to Medieval Scotland. A land filled with magic, mists, and sexy Highlanders.

Get Your Copy Today!

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Dragon-Knights-Sword/dp/B0117VM0ZS/

About the Book LOB

Duncan Mackay will do anything to lift the curse from his family — even forfeit his own life. But his plans change when he encounters the woman from his dreams, literally. She is from the future, somehow has his lost sword, and can talk to the Dragon that is able to lift his family’s curse.

Brigid O’Neill has spent her life listening to the mythological legends from Ireland and Scotland. So, when an ancient sword lands at her doorstep and she starts dreaming of a rugged Highlander, she drops everything and takes on a quest that will alter everything she believes.

Before their journey ends, not only will Duncan and Brigid battle an ancient curse, they must also find the courage to believe in the destiny that brought them together.

About the Author LOB

Mary Morgan

I am a constant daydreamer and have been told quite often to remove my head from the clouds. Yet, this is where I find the magic to write my stories. Not only do I love to weave a good tale, but I have a voracious appetite for reading. I worked for Borders Books for almost fourteen years. Imagine my delight to be surrounded by so many books, talking to others about them, and getting paid.

Pure bliss!

I have traveled to England, Scotland, Ireland, and France. There are those who know me well when I say, “My heart is in the Highlands.” I believe I have left it there, or maybe in Ireland.

When not writing, I enjoy playing in my garden-another place where magic grows. Of course, there is time spent with my family. They are the ones that keep me grounded.

Social Links LOB

Author Website: http://www.marymorganauthor.com

Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/Mary-Morgan/e/B00KPE3NWI/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1

Author Twitter: https://twitter.com/m_morganauthor

Author Goodreads Page: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8271002.Mary_Morgan

Author Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/mary.morgan.564

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