**Review** – Skinny: She was starving to fit in… (False Reflections Book 1) By Laura L. Smith

Readers: This isn’t my normal genre for this blog, however, I felt this subject matter so very important to so many young women today.  When I read this book, I was really impressed with the authors characterization and plot development and how she touched on this very serious problem of dieting and eating disorders that plague so many young women and now men today. Enjoy!

Skinny: She was starving to fit in… (False Reflections Book 1) by Laura L. Smith

Skinny Laura L. Smith

About he Book:

Teenager Melissa Rollins seems to have it all, and now she’s got the eye of the cute new guy in school, Beau Pointreaux. The one thing Melissa doesn’t have is a perfect body. There are ways to fix that, though.

Strict dieting and throwing up can’t be all bad, can they? Melissa soon finds the consequences are devastating, but turning back isn’t so easy. Will she hear God’s voice before it’s too late?

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About the Author

Author Laura L. Smith


I believe in God. I believe in true love. I believe if I bang hard enough on the back of my wardrobe I’ll get to Narnia someday. I believe eating chocolate is good for you. I believe part of my soul lives in France, part at the beach and the other part here in Oxford, Ohio, because when I go to those places I feel at home, as if I’ve always belonged. I believe heaven will feel much the same. I believe God created me to be the mother of my 4 kids, and to write stories He wanted to tell. My novels include It’s Complicated, Skinny, It’s Over, Hot, It’s Addicting and Angry.

*Five Star Review* -Janet Greaves (choirlady76)

Skinny is about a young teen in her freshman year of high school. She’s on the dance team, she’s striving for top grades and keeping up with assignments and tough course work. She’s popular and on the dance team and striving for the goal of team captain and she’s in love with star athlete Beau who at times seems distant. She begins to diet like many young women and eventually eating becomes the one thing that she can control.

As her life begins to spiral out of control, will she lose control of herself? And who in the end has control, her or the eating disorder?

This is an awesome book for all teens, especially those suffering from self-image issues and eating disorders.

Author Laura Smith’s characterization was awesome and the stories plot flows beautifully. She try captures the everyday angst and joys of teen-life and gives the reader a glimpse of the struggles of eating disorders and how easily anyone can slip into one. I highly recommend this book!

Author Website: http://www.laurasmithauthor.com/

Author Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Laura-L-Smith/41514076249

Author Twitter: https://twitter.com/LauraLynnSmith


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