Do You Know These Words and Phrases?

Love British English!

Every Woman Dreams...

I was reading a period piece recently and came across the words and phrases below. How many of these do you use?

Verge– British: A grass edging such as that by the side of a road or path

Embarazo– Spanish: an embarrassment, an impediment, or obstacle

Plain as a Pikestaff – British: Very obvious; Ordinary or unattractive in appearance.
[a Late 16th Century word: Alteration of as plain as a packstaff, the staff being that of a peddler, on which he rested his pack of wares]

Doing It Too Brown – [thought to be a creation of Georgette Heyer]

DO UP BROWN – 1. To swindle, victimize, trounce, or defeat (someone) thoroughly. 1824 in Partridge. He is said to be “cooked,” or “done brown” and “dished.” 2. To do (something) thoroughly, excellently, or perfectly. 1843 in G. W. Harris “High Times” 29: Those are places where things are done up…

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  1. Thanks for sharing the post.


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