Award Winning Top Selling Author Collette Cameron’s book Wagers Gone Awry (Conundrums of the Misses Culpepper Book 1)

Award Winning Top Selling Author Collette Cameron’s newest release Wagers Gone Awry (Conundrums of the Misses Culpepper) is one of the best historical romance books to date!

We start off on a shabby, rundown dairy farm, where Brooke Culpepper is striving to keep the farm running and take care of her sister and cousins and find them suitable men to marry as she had promised her Father on his death bed.  Brooke has given up on marriage and has resigned herself to spinsterhood and running the farm.  The farm is in shambles, Brook and the other young ladies are doing all they can to pay their rent and keep food on the table, and they are struggling but hanging on, that is until they learn the farm now resides in the hands of a new owner… The Earl of Ravensdale…

Heath, the Earl of Ravensdale knows nothing of running a farm and wants nothing to do with it, but he’s won it in a gambling wager and storms off through a harsh storm on horseback to talk to the farmer and see what can be done about this mess.  He shows up at the Culpepper’s soaked through and barely missed losing his life when a tree fell on the drive to the house.  Thinking he’s meeting an old farmer, he’s shocked to be met by the beautiful Brette Culpepper and her family!

Through a series of events, things get very heated between Brette and Heath and a growing attraction ensues and they end up in their own wager.. Will Brette keep the farm? Will she find suitable mates for her family? Will the fires burn into a steamy romance for Brette and Heath? Will she become a bride at last? Open the book to find out!

Collette Caneron’s writing is out of this world, she draws the reader in from the first few sentences and captures their interest and attention all the way through to the last word.  Her characterization is very detailed and each character, no matter how miner, has their own unique personality and traits.  She sets the scene in each phase of the book with such depth and attention to visual and historical accent where the reader truly feels they are there.  Her phrasing and use of historical language of the day is supburb.  She just draws the reader into the time period.. And gives them a real sense of what life was like for her characters.  A wonderful book and one you want to read again and again!

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Enjoy and Happy Reading!

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