Best Selling Author Jude Knight’s A Farewell to Kindness Release Day! March 31, 2015!

Best Selling Author, Jude Knight, does it again folks, with A Farewell to Kindness!

Congratulations, Jude Knight on this glorious day of your release!!

A Farewell to Kindness opens up with the drunken Earl George Redepenning entering into his living quarters, where he is met by a flying arrow.  A shocked and stumbling George sees a Lady in his quarters who threatens to kill him if he does not meet her demands.  He killed her brother and left her destitute to tend to her sisters’ and children. Upon the death of her brother, he was assigned guardianship. However, he neglected them and left them penniless! Now, she demands a small cottage and a sum of money. She takes all of his gambling winnings, obtains the cottage and demands that he strip his clothes, throw them out the window, where he is left bare…

Next we meet the hero of our tale, the dashing and handsome Earl Stephen Redepenning, known to friends just as Rede.  He has recently inherited the earldom from his cousin, the lazy and money squandering George.  Rede, having come from Canada where he lived for three years in search of those who ordered the deaths of his beloved wife and children. Now in England, he must repair the damage George has caused to the estates, including the Longford Estate, where a tenant has resided for years rent free.  Curious of this tenant’s situation, he eventually makes his way to her cottage, where he meets and finds himself intrigued by the beautiful and intelligent Anne, the lady who was under the guardianship of his cousin George and mother of a Redepenning. Her daughter Daisy whom she must protect is underage and in danger of losing her to a distant cousin, Simon Stocke, the Earl of Selby.

Rede develops an ever growing attraction to the lovely Anne and wants nothing more than to revel in her warmness and have long passionate nights. Alas, Rede is on a mission to find those who ordered the deaths of his wife and children and the ruin of his fur trade enterprise..

Anne learning of the upcoming visit of the new earl, having nothing but the memories of the former earl, sets the whole town on edge but more so for Anne as she must protect her family and knows she has not paid rent in years.  However, when the Earl visits, Anne is taken by his charm and care he shows for her darling Daisy and sister Meg who is simple… upon subsequent visits, Anne finds herself falling for the earl… but her daughter is a Redepenning… will he find out? Will she lose her daughter to the earl of Selby?   Will Rede find justice of those who are out to get him and ordered the death of his loved ones?  Will passion once again envelope our hero Rede?  Can our heroine learn to love and give her heart at last?  Open A Farewell to Kindness and come with me on a journey back in time to the Georgian and Regency periods and delve into the suspense, longing and passion of the characters… I welcome you into their lives for but a brief moment in time…

Jude Knight’s writing is impeccable, her way of expressing detail truly ignites the senses of the reader, where one truly goes back in time, smells the delicious foods cooking, hears the sounds of the carriages rolling along the cobblestone streets of London or the dirt roads of small quaint villages. The reader cannot help but feel the emotions invoked by the characters and sympathize with their plights. Ms. Knight has truly given the readers an historical accuracy in her writing, she pays great detail to the period in which the story takes place, to the historical events of the time and she has truly delved deep into her research which is shown through the scenes and depictions of the buildings, wardrobe, food, cultural events, social expectations, etc.

This is my first book that I read of Jude Knight’s and I was just awestruck by this phenomenal masterpiece. I read it from cover to cover and could not put it down. She keeps her reader on the edge of their seats awaiting what comes next! This is truly a work of art and I invite you, once again, to open A Farewell to Kindness.

Dutchess of Romance


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