The Legend of the Fae by April Holthaus ***Release Today***

Legend of the Fae (Dark Fae Saga, Book 1) by Best selling Author April Holthaus has been released today, March 20, 2015.

Legend of the Fae are Scottish folklore and Holthaus’s book begins in the mystical realm of the Fae in which two twin baby girls are born.  However, these are not identical twins, Talara is good and Alaris is evil.  In order to end the evil borne of Alaris, she is forever stopped from bearing children, which makes her crave power and a deep jealousy ensues over Talara’s abilities and gifts, most prized, the gift of bearing children.

Another world exists, the mortal or human world and as years’ passed the human world believed the Fae to be mere folklore.  Now in 1403 in the village of Ferryden, we meet two children embarking on their youth, Galen and Ella whom have been friends from the time they were wee tots.  Here we come to know Ella and Galen’s great and deep friendship and love that is about to blossom, until Ella learns she has been promised to the lad Cedric and Galen, due to his abusive past feels he is nothing but an orphan and bastard.  The two meet in their favorite spot near the great stones to pour out their hearts to the only friend they know, each other.  A storm rises up out of nowhere and a lady with dark hair and beautiful features appears and seemingly calls to the village children and Ella is also drawn into her song… and suddenly the children are gone.  Galen knows something terrible has happened…

Years later, Galen a grown man has returned from the war between the clans of the McGregor’s and the Graham’s to be made Laird of Castle Dunquest.  In the land of the Fae, Ella or Princess Ella as she is known is second in command to the most evil Alaris.  Ella is sent on a quest by Alaris to take her sister Talara’s child once it is born.  Ella heading on her quest to the farthest reaches of the land of the Fae is called by a mysterious man.  Unsure what to do, she soon follows into the portal, only to find herself trapped and in the depths of a bad snow storm and unsure about this mortal world and regretting her decision, however, she must venture on and find shelter.  Here danger finds Ella and upon being attacked and almost raped, she is saved by, none other than, Galen.

Galen takes the lass to his castle and offers her protection and shelter until she has healed from her injuries and is able to travel where he will escort her back to her home, but where is home?  Ella is unable to speak in the mortal world, and naturally is very frightened  but also very untrusting of mortals.. she wants nothing more than to get back to her mission.  However, she finds herself falling for the dashing, protective and loving Galen… it is through reading to her that he awakens the soft spirit within her.  Galen too finds himself falling for the wee lass…

More journey’s and dangers lie ahead for these two lovers… will Ella stay with Galen or return to the land of the Fae? Is Ella truly a Fae or is she possibly a human? One must read this enchanting story to find out!

April Holthaus takes us on a most magical journey and introduces us to the world and Land of the Fae, for they do exist in this most enchanting story.  Her writing style is out of this world, using very descriptive narratives to introduce us to the lives of the characters of Ella and Galen, but also minor characters are brought to life such as Evelyn, Alex, Talara, Alaris and many other fascinating characters.  Holthaus takes the reader on so many twists and turns through this adventure that it is impossible to put the book down.  This story is absolutely captivating and causes the reader to crave more! A truly remarkable masterpiece and a #1 best seller!

Please open your books and join Galen and Ella on this most magical journey back in time to the Legend of The Fae!

~Dutchess of Romance

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